Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG)

From time to time it is helpful for us to be able to share information about your health and care requirements with other health organisations that are responsible for providing you with healthcare.

Across Nottinghamshire we are introducing a new system called MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway) which will enable us to share relevant medical information from your GP records with other healthcare professionals who are providing you with direct care.

The MIG allows for relevant information to be viewed by other healthcare professional, however before your information is accessed you will be asked for your explicit consent. Examples of organisations that may access your GP health information include the Out of Hours team and A&E departments.

Sharing information in this way is designed to ensure that the healthcare professionals looking after you have the most recent and relevant information to enable them to provide you with the most appropriate care. 

The type of information shared is restricted and includes a summary of current problems, current medication, allergies, recent tests, diagnoisis, procedures, investigations, risks and warnings. All of this information is currently held within your GP system record.

Whenever a clinician from another healthcare organisation wishes to view your GP information via the MIG they will always seek your permission before doing so; if you say "NO" then they will not be able to see any information from your GP record during the episode of care.

If you have any concerns about the sharing of your information, or do not want your information to be made available via the MIG then please contact the surgery who can advise accordingly.